Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three for the Bean

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You rely on your iPhone for e-mail, Instagram, and checking to see if the Bruins came back to win in overtime (likely a 'f*** yes') but these three new apps help you focus on what's really important.

Pizza Compass
You're stumbling home from the bar, fumbling through your phone, preparing to make a very poor late night decision with a certain ex-girlfriend. A better idea? Use Pizza Compass to locate the nearest pizza spot near you, no matter what strange neighborhood you've wandered into (Allston, most likely). Get yourself a slice and dump yourself into bed. Alone. That's all the love you really need.
$1 here.

If you learned anything in college (debatable), it's that everyone starts looking for the next party once the booze runs out. Now that you're a sophisticated graduate, you'll need an equally sophisticated solution when hosting your next rager. Drizly allows you to instantly place an order with one of their local liquor store partners, and within the hour you'll be restocked and ready for another round of shot skis. (Plus you won't have to risk your cheap friends getting Natty Light again.)
Free here.

Boston's been accused of many things, but never of being too nice. Kevin Youkilis in pinstripes? Here's a one-finger salute. A Red Line breakdown in rush hour? Here's a place to stick it. Our disgruntled edge makes us who we are, and finally there's an app that understands us. Hater lets you snap pictures, publish rants and share via Facebook and Twitter all the things that grind your gears (like the phrase "grind your gears"). First up? That stupid Facebook "like" button.
Free here.

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