Sunday, January 25, 2015

Babes in Bartschland

Susanne Bartsch's nightclub carnival is here


Society has master painters, Academy Award-winning directors, and Hall of Fame athletes.

And then there's the legendary woman they all look to when they want to party.

Susanne Bartsch has been called "the nightlife equivalent of a couture label" by The New York Times. She's spent decades hosting the wildest parties and events in iconic New York nightclubs from the Copacabana to Bentley's.

And Saturday, she's hosting Bartschland in Boston.

No party that Bartsch designs is quite like anything you've seen before. For this one, imagine a 7,000-square-foot room that looks like the Studio 54 of Alice in Wonderland, a place where the beautifully bizarre, fashionably freaky, and alluringly avant-garde combine into a not-your-average night to remember.

Bartsch and her colorful crew of party goers will lead the celebrations for Revere Hotel's one-year anniversary, which means you'll need to look the part. Anything from face paint to tank top to a vintage second-hand suit will do, and anything boring will certainly not.

And snapping back into the real world for a moment, the event will benefit victims of the Boston Marathon attacks via the One Fund Boston

So go ahead, hit the forward button.

Bartschland in Boston
Saturday, May 11
Space 57 at Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart St., Theatre District
(617) 201-1626

Tickets: $25-75 here
Nearby: MJ O'Conor's; Gypsy Bar; Wilbur Theatre

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