Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beauty and the Bacon

Beer and bacon, now in art form


Every great artist needs a source of inspiration. 

For Monet, it came from the simple, quiet beauty of still water in a lily pond.

And for the artists displaying their works at Stoddard's tomorrow night, it comes from other sources of exquisite beauty: bacon and beer

Of course, if Monet showed up to a 19th-century Paris art show with paintings of PBRs and scrapple, we might all have majored in Art History.

But he didn't, so it's up to the geniuses behind the Bacon & Beer Festival and Super Precious Art Gallery to create this swine-and-suds themed pop-up exhibition. 

This year's theme is a tribute to the backyard BBQ, so don't worry if you spot a little ketchup splashed on the canvas. That's by design. 

And unlike inside a stuffy art museum, eating and drinking is definitely encouraged. Because you don't truly appreciate the finer nuances of bacon and beer art until you have a complimentary appetizer and a bacon vodka Bloody Mary ($3) or a Naragansett Bock ($1) in your hand. 

Trust us, we've done plenty of research.

Bacon & Beer Art Show
Tuesday, May 7
6p & 7:30p
Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale, 48 Temple Place, Downtown Crossing
(617) 426-0048

Tickets: $10 here
Nearby: jm Curley's; Gem; Back Deck

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