Thursday, January 29, 2015

Broga Party

Arise sleeping dog, it's our male-friendly guide to yoga


[Editor's note: As we unite in our grief over yesterday's events, the heroism displayed by first responders and countless ordinary citizens shows the true character and selflessness of the people we at Rundown on Boston proudly call our readers, our neighbors, and our friends. Our thoughts are with all of those affected. To help, give blood or donate to the Red Cross here. To locate friends or family members, call (617) 635-4500.]

There are certain things best left to your girlfriend: The Bachelor, Maroon 5, any movie featuring Hugh Grant. 

And, until recently, yoga. But after checking out our starter's guide to broga — it's yoga for bros, bro — you might just catch up to your lady. Oh yeah, and Adam Levine, too

Since you’re new classmates will be women in spandex and not meatheads in sleeveless shirts, you'd better look the part once the mats are rolled out. Check out Barefoot Yoga for their stylish (and thankfully loose-fitting) selection of men's yoga gear designed to leave a little more to the imagination than your girlfriend’s yoga pants.  

"Chakras" (energy centers in the body) are great and all, but they won't help you grab rebounds in your weekend basketball league. On the other hand, Broga Yoga can, with exercises aimed at building muscle, improving balance, and getting you in top sporting condition. With classes for beginners and experts (plus a studio in Martha’s Vineyard for vacation sessions), don't be surprised if you see other guys from the blacktop broga'ing. 
191 Highland Ave., Somerville. Class schedule here.

If, on the other hand, you’ve done a few rounds of P90x and spend most mornings admiring yourself a la Patrick Bateman, you might be ready for classes with two-time "Best of Boston" award-winning instructor David Vendetti at South Boston Yoga. By the time you've mastered his advanced classes, you'll be lean, toned, and maybe even a bit enlightened.
36 W. Broadway, South Boston (617-315-7448)

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