Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beer Me Up Scotty

Springfest is back, now with more hops


Beer aficionados aren't that different from comic book nerds.

Only instead of elves and Wookies, they're obsessed with hops and Belgians.

Think of this weekend's Drink Craft Beer Springfest as Comic Con for the beer-chuggers.

This year's Springfest goes for a gamble as risky as J.J. Abrams' Episode VII by challenging 25 top New England breweries  including Backlash, Rising Tide, and Wormtown – to bring at least one hop-focused beer to the big show. 

In true nerd fashion, it's all about rare and vintage collector's items among the 70+ beers on tap. In other words, the official festival-only beer (The ABCs, a double pale lager from Jack's Abby) is like Amazing Fantasy #15

We recommend scoring VIP tickets for yourself and a dependable drinking buddy, then toasting to limited batches of special VIP-only brews (i.e. the Peach White IPA from Slumbrew) and snacking on Roxy's grilled cheese sandwiches until you start acting like The Wolverine.

Just leave your adamantium claws at home.

Drink Craft Beer Springfest
Friday-Saturday, April 4-5
1p-4:30p & 6p-9:30p 
Space 57 at the Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart St., Theatre District
(617) 482-1800

Tickets: $50-60 here
Nearby: Fleming's; Finale; Gypsy Bar

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