Friday, January 30, 2015

The Block Is Hot

Area Four's food truck fires up your daily routine


It is now possible — even advisable — to eat three meals a day from one place (kind of).

Thank the A4 Truck, the mobile version of Cambridge's acclaimed Area Four cafe and bakery, hitting the streets this Monday.

Start your day by flagging down the A4 Truck for a croissant, muffin or the "So Good Am I Still Dreaming" breakfast sandwich  egg, cheddar, and an amazing house-made maple sausage patty on a buttery English muffin. Oh, and most importantly, that steaming cup of java from Barrington Coffee Roasters.

By the time you come back for lunch, the truck will be serving up a selection of fresh baked piadini (hand-stretched Italian flatbreads stuffed with deliciousness a la smoked Cape Cod bluefish or roasted mushrooms with fontina cheese) plus locally raised grass-fed hot dogs and salads.

Would going back for dinner at the end of the day be a bit excessive? Maybe, but only because they aren't open. 

But an award-winning pizza from their permanent home in Kendall Square would be perfectly acceptable.

Even advisable.

Area Four Bakery Food Truck
Starts rolling Monday, April 1

Flag it down: Full schedule here

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