Friday, January 30, 2015

Spin to Win

Change the record by learning how to DJ


A half-naked crowd of hundreds. An armada of fog machines and synchronized lasers.

And you, at the very front.

It's time to go beyond your fantasy sports hobby for something a little bit...louder. And with two schools offering entry-level DJ classes this spring, now's the time to start brainstorming sweet names.

Get Equipped
Before you can start rocking crowds, you'll need the tools: two turntables, a mixer, and headphones. A reasonably priced starter kit from Numark should be enough to get you on your feet, and once you've polished your chops you'll be ready for more tech-savvy gear like the Numark DJ2Go, which turns your laptop into a full-blown mixer complete with crossfader. 
Available here.

Get Smart
Once you've geared up, it's time to take your equipment and start making beautiful music. The professors at Mmmmaven Project have hundreds of hours of experience rocking clubs and are ready to guide you to scratch, fade and mix like a pro. Sign up for their weekly "DJ 101" course or a four-session crash course at Boston Center for Adult Education (classes begin April 2), where your final exam includes testing your ability to read the crowd at RISE.
Mmmmaven Project, 620 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square (617-849-9321). Register here.
Boston Center for Adult Education, 122 Arlington St., Back Bay (617-267-4430). Register here.

Get Involved
Now that you've mastered the art of the mix, it's time to get on the dance floor. You can catch internationally recognized DJs doing their thing at Middlesex Lounge and Good Life, while the Together Festival in May gives you an opportunity to engage with fellow wax spinners at panel discussions, record exchanges and the all-important test for any wannabe DJ: the battle. If you can best the competition, you'll get a sweet prize pack and, of course, ultimate bragging rights. 
Together Festival May 12-19. Full schedule here.

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