Sunday, February 1, 2015

Morning-After Meals

Because hangovers are just another excuse to eat


As invincible as you feel taking shots at the bar on a Friday night, you may not feel quite so unstoppable come Saturday morning. 

Thankfully, Boston has some pretty delicious ways to fight your hangover

Chicken & Waffles at Trina's Starlite Lounge
Lucky for you, the combination of crispy buttermilk fried chicken and big fluffy Belgian style waffles goes together a lot better than last night's Jager bombs and IPAs. Try some hair of the dog with an Adirondack -- butter-infused bourbon, maple syrup, and chocolate covered bacon back.
3 Beacon St., Inman Square (617-576-0006). $14.

Poutine at Saus
In order to recover from long, late nights of clubhopping, the wise people of Montreal created the ultimate hangover food: a heaping portion of hot, fresh cut fries topped with gravy and cheddar cheese curds, otherwise known as poutine. This version from award-winning frites purveyors Saus ranks right up there with the best from the Great White North.
33 Union St., Faneuil Hall (617-248-8835). $6.25-$8.

Crispy Pork Hash at Toro
Admittedly, pork is great pretty much any time of day. But there's something about Toro's brunch-only crispy hash that makes it that much better with a pounding headache. Served with eggs over easy, fried potatoes, and sourdough toast, it's the kind of pork dish we want to get hungover for.
Sun 10:30a-2:30p. 1704 Washington St., South End (617-536-4300). $12.

Breakfast Sandwich at Mike & Patty's
Recently revamped and reopened under new management, this Bay Village sandwich shop has become a local favorite in large part because of their hangover-friendly selection of breakfast offerings. Go simple with a grilled cheese of cheddar and American, plus soft egg, or go big with scrambled eggs with salsa, cheese, tostadas, roasted poblano peppers, guacamole, refritos, and corn tortillas.
12 Church St., Bay Village (617-423-3447). 

Hot Mess at Area Four 
The Hot Mess (pictured) is the kind of thing you might try to make for yourself after stumbling home from the bars at 2a -- a hot skillet of home fries, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby spinach, cheddar cheese, scallions, and pickled banana pepper relish with two sunny side up chip-in farm eggs on top. That is, if you had a hot skillet. Or banana pepper relish.
500 Technology Square, Kendall Square (617-758-4444). $12.

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