Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kiss & Ride

Bike & Bites serves up a three-course romantic excursion


Sometimes, you want to let romance develop at its own pace.

Then again, you've got a schedule to keep.

Imagine if you could knock out three dates — a scenic mid-day bike ride, a picturesque afternoon in nature, and a five-star dinner — with one throw.

Enter Bikes & Bites, your ace in the hole when you need to win her over. 

This three-parter begins at 11a at Quad Bicycles in Arlington, where you'll pick your ride for a 15-mile guided trek to Verrill Farm in Concord. There, you and your date will get a taste of the country life, sampling homemade apple pie and cider from the orchard and taking a hayride (no rolling in it just yet) through the 100-acre grounds. 

Fueled up on sugar and innuendo, you're ready for the short 5-mile ride to Walden Pond for a semi-guided walking tour, giving the two of you a perfect excuse to "lose" the group for a few minutes. 

Finally, head back to Arlington, drop off your bikes and cap off the day with dinner at Tryst, where you can plan your next move over fried oysters and a bottle of wine. 

Our suggestion: take another hayride.

Bike & Bites
Sunday, October 21
Meet at Quad Cycles, 1043 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington
(781) 648-5222

Tickets: $40 here  (Additional $17 per person for bike rental)
Nearby: Not Your Average Joe's; Acitron Cocina Mexicana; Tango

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