Friday, January 30, 2015

Model Behavior

Fashion Week kicks off this Friday


You've always known you could score a date with a model, if only you could find the right place to meet one.

And have we ever found the place.

You'll need to straighten up and look sharp this Friday as Boston's most attractive, fashionable people (you and your monocle included, naturally) will be at the ritzy Woodward at AMES to kick off this year's Fashion Week with an appropriately stylish party.

The party starts at 9p, but there's nothing fashionable about being late for this one. Get there on time to swill the free passed cocktails and jam out to DJ Dek.

Brush up on your smooth dance moves: the models will be watching. Featured at the fête (that’s French for "party") will be models from Maggie Inc. showing off the new trends in fall fashion, where you can do your best to break their cold runway stares.

Even if you don't leave with a model on your arm, you'll want to check out the “Before I Die” art installation, where you can record the thing you most want to do before you go toward the light.

And if that one thing was “go to an awesome party with fashion models, booze, and sweet beats,” you can cross that off your bucket list.

Fashion Week Kick-Off Party
Friday, September 28
9p-12 midnight
Woodward at AMES Hotel, 1 Court St., Financial District
(617) 979-8200

RSVP: Call or e-mail
Nearby: Nix's Mate; City Landing; Hillstone

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