Saturday, January 31, 2015

Team Effort

Score a date...with a little help from your friends


The sexiest place on Earth is Brazil.

So it's fitting our tanned friends are proving there's strength in numbers, even when it comes to dating.

Following that lead is the new dating service Grouper. Now accepting applications in Boston, this unique concept enlists your friends to help swing the odds in your favor on first dates.

The setup: Just sign up using your Facebook account and let Grouper hook you up with a compatible date based on your personal info and photos. (You might want to delete Doctor Who from your interests before signing up... or not.)

And since you're going to call up your friends immediately afterward to tell them how it went anyway, just cut to the chase and invite them along.

Now all your group of six — you, your date, plus two of your friends and two of hers — has to do is hit it off, as Grouper picks a (seriously) cool venue and buys your crew the first round of drinks, all for only $20 a head. 

If you can charm her two friends and keep your buddies' bad jokes to a minimum, you may not need to wait for a second date.

Bonus points if she's Brazilian.


Price: $20 per person per date

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