Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Old School

Your post-graduate guide to living like a college kid


Boston's annual student invasion is well underway.

But even if you've long since traded your dorm room for a cubicle, here are a few ways to relive your college glory days.

Ramen will always be a staple of every student's diet, but that doesn't mean it has to come in those $1 noodle bricks. Substitute with a heaping bowl of Vietnamese pho (noodle soup) from Pho Viet in Allston.
1095 Commonwealth Ave., Allston (617-562-8828)

So maybe you can't eat as many as you could freshman year (probably a good thing), but you can at least try at all-you-can-eat wing night at SoulFire ($8.99).
182 Harvard Ave., Allston (617-787-3003)

With Pabst Blue Ribbon pitchers at cheapest-in-the-city prices ($5), who needs pizza? We do. Get a hot slice at Crazy Dough's near Berklee and they'll knock another dollar off.
1124 Boylston St., Back Bay (617-266-5656)

The Queen's Head Pub at Harvard is a great place to get a Harpoon 1636 (served exclusively at this bar). Just don't try any Good Will Hunting-style one-upsmanship with the college crowd, okay?
45 Quincy St., Harvard Square (617-495-5107)

Boston's college sports equivalent of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, the gridiron grudge match between Boston College and Notre Dame should inspire as much action tailgating in the parking lot as it does on the field.
Sat Nov 10. Alumni Stadium, 140 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill (617-552-8520). $100-750 here.

Stop talking about how you used to run the table at every party in college and step up to the challenge (worth $200) at the weekly Beer Pong Tournament at The Red Hat.
Thursdays 9:30p. 9 Bowdoin St., Beacon Hill (617-523-2175)

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