Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekend Runaway: Newport, Rhode Island

Plenty of adventure in Rhode Island's seaside jewel


The Rhode Island seaside town of Newport is best known for sprawling mansions and billionaires.

But if you’re less into pearls and more into X-games, Newport has plenty to keep your adrenaline pumping all weekend long.

What better way to get the lay of the land than by jumping out of a plane? At Skydive Newport, you’ll be flying out over the ocean, beaches, and rugged cliffs. Your tandem jump puts you in the hands of a capable, fully-trained staff member, making it the perfect experience for first-time skydivers. Or your buddy who’s afraid of heights... not that you are.
From $220. 211 Airport Access Rd., Middletown (401-845-0393)

Most of Newport’s famous cliff walk caters to fans of manicured lawns and wildflowers. Skip that part and go straight to the southern half of the hike, where nice houses and hummingbirds give way to rugged cliffs and a rocky shoreline. Just a few feet from the path are steep drops of up to 70 feet. Wear sneakers, watch where you’re going, and stay clear of poison ivy.
More info here

Forget sitting pretty on the beach. Strap on an oxygen tank and check out the hardcore sealife underneath the waves. The Dive Shop in Newport sells and rents everything you need. They have classes that range from beginner to master, so you’ll be throwing out your beach umbrella in no time.
From $450. 550 Thames St., Newport (401-847-9293)

Celebrate your all-around bada$$ery by grabbing a few beers at Pour Judgment Bar and Grill. The wildly popular bar has more than 45 beers to choose from and cheese fries that you would jump out of a plane for (if you hadn’t done that already).
32 Broadway, Newport (401-619-2115)

photo courtesy Alexey Sergeev

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