Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cheap Thrills

Your one-stop shop for local adventure, now online


Whether it's toilet paper, batteries, or skydiving expeditions, it's always best to buy in bulk. 

Introducing the Boston Bucket List, a new website that serves as the Wal-Mart of outdoor adventures, minus the huge parking lot and that greeter who's so cheerful he must be on something. 

If organizing a trip is more intimidating than the adventure itself, fear not. The site makes things simple with area businesses offering discounted admission for local outdoor activities that range from life-affirming (hot air ballooning) to death-defying (skydiving).

That means the last excuse you had to skip out on a rock climbing course or turn your body into a lethal weapon of urban justice (like, with a week's worth of free Muay Thai classes) just crumbled like a shaky foothold. 

And, unlike a paper bucket list you can just toss in the trash, this bucket list isn't going anywhere.

Boston Bucket List

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