Sunday, February 1, 2015

About Us

The rundown...on Rundown


We’re a lot like you.

In short: a bit hard to keep up with.

We prefer side-doors and backdoors to those in the front. We order off hidden menus, dine in pop-up restaurants and know our favorite chefs on a first-name basis.

Our first dates are never our last.

Our vacations are only rivaled by our staycations.

When we shop, we attend warehouse sales, preferably with a DJ and an open bar. In fact, we prefer everything with an open bar.

Our gifts aren’t just thoughtful or sincere—they establish trends.

When we see shows or go to festivals, it's to see the acts we love before they get big. And once they do? We plan the night right, sitting VIP in a skybox with our date, crew, or a mix of both.

Because like you, we don’t live idly weekend to weekend. We run our city.

The only real difference between us?

Whereas you don’t have the time to track it all down, we do.

Delivering all you need to know in 60 seconds or less, Rundown is a free daily email that cuts the fat and trims the confusion from your social agenda, leaving you with the best of the best your city has to offer, whether you knew it existed or not.

The inside tip on bars and restaurants, pop-ups and food trucks, events and festivals, the stage and theater, getaways and staycations, gadgets and fashion...consider our morning hello your own personal Presidential Daily Briefing.

We’ll also give you a heads-up on the day's top web video, so workplace and cocktail hour small talk won't leave you staring blankly into space. You're a busy guy — we’re happy to keep you posted on what's going on outside the office.

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